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Monday, September 04, 2006

Bush Should Get His Ass Kicked By Americans For A Change

Metaphorically speaking, there are many that would agree that President Bush deserves a good old-fashioned humbling ass-kicking. Unfortunately, the President has enacted policies that amount to 'assuming the position' for Al-Quaeda, and when Al Quaeda kicks one American ass, every American suffers. Don't get me wrong: I don't want to see Bush not get his ass kicked. I just want a different kicker. An American one. This isn't the NFL; I don't want some foreigner taking a shot at the goalpoasts when the game is on the line. If Americans had the courage to kick Bush's ass, the job wouldn't be outsourced to the terrorists.

Bush's every foreign policy move seems to perfectly serve the expressed agenda of the terrorists. Case in point: "Shock and Awe". There is no better terrorist recruiting tool for Bin Laden. In an ideal world, the president's ass-kicking would come via domestic political opposition to our self-destructive foreign policy in the form of a completely humiliating rhetorical smackdown during a televised debate. Bush's ass-kicking could come via Barak Obama's size twelves,Hillary's size eights or a disgruntled Colin Powell's size tens. Because I've lost hope that anyone in power will rise to the occasion, I'm here in the blogosphere with millions of others taking my lilliputan jabs whenever I can because as long as the neoconservative policies are in place, the terrorists will continue to win.

In light of today's Pentagon admission that things are going badly in Iraq, please allow me to cite an essay that clearly expresses one of the many fundamental flaws in logic that undergird the fundamentally flawed paradigm of our "war on terror:.

Today's fundamental flaw in Neoconservative thinking is the assumption that bombing the hell out of people will win them over to your way of thinking.

Bill Cusak examines the absurdity, and how it plays into the hands of Emmanuel Goldstein, er-excuse me-Osama Bin Laden:

"Neo Cons believe a zero tolerance confrontational policy will get Radical Islam to re-think their extremist/terrorist tactics and force moderate Muslims to rise up against their radical governments creating a democracy domino effect that will justify all American activities in the Middle East and make the world happy and safe and lovely. Bin Laden knows nothing of the sort will happen. I have no idea why Neo Cons would believe such a thing. There is absolutely no evidence to support this theory. When Muslims, moderates, radicals, whoever, are pushed into a corner they do not shrink and get all shocked and awed and become introspective and go for long morning walks and read Emerson under a tree and mull things over. They swarm like killer bees.

And that's not just crazy ass radical Islam jihad freaks. Anybody would do the same. In 1941 did Americans re-think their policies and overthrow their government after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor? Did the English do anything of the kind during Hitler's blitzkreig? Did the North Vietnamese reconsider communism as American B-52's streaked across their skies? Did North Vietnamese peasants rise up against their leaders after fifteen years of intense almost daily bombing? They weren't interested in hitching their wagons to American wealth. They were under attack. They didn't say "Thank GOD the Americans are attacking us! Now we can drive Buicks!" They moved into rat holes and hung pictures. In 1939 Polish foot soldiers, some of whom were armed only with wooden swords, rushed Hitler's tanks. Presumably they were not caught up in some kind of agonizing reappraisal of their national identity as they went into battle. Nobody has ever responded to an attack the way Neo Cons predicted radical Islam would behave in the face of Shock and Awe. All you smart asses out there are thinking "what about the French?" Fine. But which Muslims, which terrorists, exactly, did Bush and Cheney think were going to get shocked and awed into buying Derek Jeter jerseys? Neo Cons have a serious reality problem resulting in one strategic and tactical disaster after another. If insanity is any distance from reality, Neo Cons are insane. Remember wealth and insanity are not mutually exclusive".

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