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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Gutter Talk

Many Democrats seem positively apoplectic due to the fact that Clinton and Obama seem to be resorting to name-calling and distortion in order to score political points.

As for me, I'm unperturbed. Bill Clinton once famously remarked "Americans will never vote for a candidate that shows any sign of weakness. They'd rather have a president that is strong and wrong than weak and right". He was, of course, obliquely referring to the doddering imbecile currently residing in the oval office; a man who is never more convinced he's right than when he's completely wrong...As an explanation for his re-election, I can think of no better.

I want a strong candidate more than I want a civil, polite candidate who posits him/herself above the fray. If someone attacks you, defend yourself and your position. If your opponent displays weakness or hypocrisy, rip them to shreds.
If you think the way the democrats are sparring is despicable, it's nothing compared to what the republicans will throw at the eventual nominee. If we don't have someone who can fight, we'll be screwed all over again.

Why get upset about solid candidates fighting in the gutter? That's where the fight begins after the dems pick their nominee. If we're down in the gutter, we're in a better position to kick the republican candidate back in the sewer. ...Is that a bit harsh? What else can you say about a likely nominee who wants to double the size of Guantanamo Bay?

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