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Friday, February 11, 2005

Condoleeza Rice is a Liar

I have to conclude that either her supporters are unable to read, are willfully ignorant, or believe that lying was permissible for the sake of strategic objectives.

As Atrios comments: "For some reason with Rice we need to prove she lied like 5 gazillion times before we can call her a liar".

Susan Hu at Daily Kos is only too happy to do so. Here's just one indisputable, proven, documented, irrefutable, closed-and-shut, unambiguous example of Condoleeza lying. If you want more, read Susan's piece.

Although then national security adviser Condoleezza Rice wrote a March 22, 2004 column in The Washington Post that "No al-Qaeda threat was turned over to the new administration," a newly declassified document [image below the fold] tells the story.

U.S. media haven't got this yet, but Australian papers have:

EIGHT months before the September 11 attacks the White House's then counterterrorism adviser urged then national security adviser Condoleezza Rice to hold a high-level meeting on the al-Qaeda network, according to a memo made public today.

"We urgently need such a principals-level review on the al-Qaeda network," ... Richard Clarke wrote in the January 25, 2001 memo.

Mr Clarke, who left the White House in 2003, made headlines in the heat of the US presidential campaign ... when he accused the Bush White House of having ignored al-Qaeda's threats before September 11.

Mr Clarke testified before inquiry panels and in a book that Rice ... had been warned of the threat.


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