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Friday, February 11, 2005

Back in Iraq
(To the tune of "Back in Black" by AC/DC)

Back in Iraq/Preemptive Attack/Lot of soldiers will never come back
Lies got us there/most don't care/W.M.D.'s not found anywhere
Bush's gang/pushing lies/launching missiles up into the skies

Condi Rice/Richard Pearle/Lying so much makes you wanna hurl
They've got/Fox News, News Max/ Media shills covering up their tracks

And now we're back/ Back in Iraq/Preemptive Attack
Back in Iraq/Back in Iraq
Hey Hey Hey Ya (x2)

Back in the back/Of a Cadillac
Someone else takes a bullet in the nugget sack
I'm a Harvard grad/with an M.B.A
So "Bring it On" 'cause I'm outta harm's way
Now on to Iran/We gotta plan
Gotta listen to me cause I'm the man

And now we're back...(Chorus)

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