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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

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Denial Isn't A River

It's a flood. In New Orleans.

The Pentagon has sent about 40 percent of Mississippi's National Guard force to Iraq and 35 percent of Louisiana's -- a combined total of about 6,000 troops. But officials maintained this had not hurt the relief effort in those states, hardest hit by the hurricane.

"None of the states impacted are stretched thin at all," said Jack Harrison, a National Guard Bureau spokesman at the Pentagon, noting there are about 31,500 guardsmen either activated or available to be activated in the four states"

Read It:

And of course, Rush is able to pinpoint the real culprits here...

"I shouldn't be, but I am continually surprised by (laughing) our news media. Yesterday on this program, I shared with you that all over the wacko, extreme kook Democrat blogs and websites, there were snide comments about how we wouldn't have enough National Guard troops to go in and perform rescue and rebuilding efforts in the hurricane zone because they're all over in Iraq -- and, of course, in Iraq, they're just useless. "They're not being used! It's just pointless for them to be there, and if Bush hadn't started the war and if Bush hadn't sent them there, why, why, we would have this hurricane effort under much more progress, and it would be much faster." Okay, kook idea, crazy idea. We laughed at it".

Read It If You Must:

Yes, that's right...That kooky, crazy, biased media and their high-fallutin' understanding of arithmetic--their bizarre assumption that having half the national guard in Iraq might leave us with fewer troops here to respond to hurricanes...

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