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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Let's Question Gonzales and Rove in secret foreign prisons

"...The Bush administration and Attorney General Gonzales don't want to testify to Congress under oath.
Congress is ready to subpoena them to force them to testify.
Bush threatens a constitutional showdown if they do.

Can a compromise be reached? Is there a way that Gonzales and Rove can be questioned
in a way that the Bush administration would approve of?

Bush and Gonzales have vigorously defended the use of secret prisons in foreign countries
as a way of getting to the truth. Both have stated to Congress that they are totally legal,
that they are not torture, and that they are effective.

So maybe we should send Gonzales and Rove to a secret foreign prison for questioning.
How could they object to that?
I bet the Democrats would go along with that".

Marc Perkel
San Bruno, CA

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Monday, March 26, 2007

Traitors Don't Get To Question My Patriotism

Bill Maher...

..You know, not to generalize, but the 29 percent of people who still support President Bush are the ones who love to pronounce themselves more patriotic than the rest of us. But just saying you're patriotic is like saying you have a...

... big c**k. If you have to say it, chances are it's not true. And indeed, the Party that flatters itself that they protect America better is the Party that has exhausted the military, left the ports wide open, and purposely outed a CIA agent, Valerie Plame. That's not treason anymore, outing a spy? Did I mention it was one of our spies?

Read It

Chris Rock...

Is America ready for a black president? Hell Yeah! Why not? We've just had our first retarded president!

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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Bob Geiger's Saturday Morning Politcal Cartoon Roundup

The Link is Here

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Thursday, March 22, 2007

The War of Unintended Consequences


The US is scrambling to head off a "disastrous" Turkish military intervention in Kurdish-controlled northern Iraq that threatens to derail the Baghdad security surge and open up a third front in the battle to save Iraq from disintegration...a Milliyet journalist, Kadri Gursel, said: "The US attitude has really pissed off the government and the army. The US really doesn't understand how exhausted and fed up they are."

Read It:

Whose job is it to explain to the President of the United States who he'll support? Who will be represented by the sock puppet wearing the black cowboy hat...will it be the Turks or the PKK?

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Consider it a vote of no confidence.

When was the last time the Senate voted 94-2 on anything?

Read It:

Thursday, March 15, 2007

So...Let's say you're the President of the United States.

The chief aide to your Vice President was convicted of perjury and obstructing justice, a hostile congress is launching investigation after investigation of your abuses of power, and the impeachment movement is gaining steam. What do you do?

The most logical thing to do...Fire all the lawyers!

If you choose this option, make sure that your lawyer doesn't get caught lying about the whole affair before congress. Oops!

Good thing you have a backup plan!

Perspective Check:
In Canada, the top news this hour:
A Canadian philosopher has won the world's richest individual award by promoting the message that the threat of terrorism could be solved by greater spiritual examination in Western and Islamic countries.

Perspective Check:

In the United States, the top news this hour:

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, suspected mastermind of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks on the United States, confessed to those attacks and a string of others during a military hearing at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, said a transcript released Wednesday by the Pentagon.

Gee, if the Petagon says it, it must be true.

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Monday, March 12, 2007

This is the Conservative Philosophy in Action

From today's USA Today:

President Bush wants to pay for his plan to send 8,200 more U.S. troops to Iraq and Afghanistan by cutting money for agriculture, education and other programs, budget records show.

Take a step back from your disgust with this president and this administration.
The problem behind the problem isn't failed policies and vapid leadership. The problem is a bankrupt philosophy that about half of the American public has bought into.

The problem is Conservatism. A substantial number of Americans see very little role for government other than national defense(or offense). It can be summed up--and often is-- by Lincoln's adage "The government which governs best is the government that governs least". In the 19th century, this philosphy might have made sense, but in an increasingly interconnected world, citizens need big government to address big problems and make big strides in terms of national priorites. Your little municipal curbside recycling program may assuage your conscience, but it isn't going to do jack about global warming in and of itself.

We, the people, are the government to extent that we claim our authority and demand accountability. When conservatives talk about limiting the role and influence of the government, they're talking about your role and influence. You should take that personally.

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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Even he knew better.

The Libby Verdict

Guilty, Guilty, Guilty...What else can be said?

What we need now are hearings on Walter Reed, The Firing of U.S. District Attorneys, Katrina, hell, everything back to the sinking of the Ehine Maru.

If the Democrats really want to win in 2008, they need to investigate each and every scandal of the Bush presidency for the next ten years. Don't stop when we have President Clinton or Obama, keep it going.

Don't bother with Bush--everyone knows he's as useless as tits on a boar--subpoena, question, indict and convict every sleazy Duke Cunningham, Tom DeLay, and Tom Foley out there until the word "Republican" is synonymous with sleaze.

I've felt screwed for the last eight years. The Libby verdict should be foreplay.

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The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Somebody tell Chuck D. it's time for either a cover or a collaboration.

This time around, the revolution will be online.

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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Ahmed's Fields

In Ahmed's fields the poppies bloom,
As soldiers search from room to room.
They turn up little; some opium, a knife,
and a burkha that must have belonged to his wife.

A tripwire triggers a massive blast
That startles Mehmet while walking past
Others shrug and carry on amid the gloom.

We'll take our quarrel to the foe
As did the British, so long ago,
With reasons unclear and purpose forgotten
our folly ripe; our reasons rotten.

To silence critics, quote John McCrae
And the corpses pile higher day by day.
While confident leaders claim to know what's best
I think of Wilfred Owen,
…Do they know Dulce et Decorum Est?

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